Thematic Area: Food Security and Livelihood (FSL)

Project Period: October, 2022-August, 2023

Donor Agency: World Food Programme (WFP)
Project Locations: District Swat Khyber Pakhtunkhwa

Project Goal: To support immediate needs of flood affected households by building their livelihoods assets, enhance resilience, generate short term employment through Conditional Cash Assistance in district Swat of KP.

Project Description:

The Food Assistance for Assets project was initiated as early recovery in flood affected areas of districts swat with financial support from UN-WFP. The project was implemented in two phases, in phase one (Cycle 1-3) the project was implemented in six tehsils of district swat comprising of 4000 participants per cycle, while in the second phase (Cycle 4-6) the project was implemented in two tehsils of district swat comprising of 4310 participants per cycle. The project was aimed to improve livelihood of 2022 floods people in the districts with the following objectives;

Project Objectives:

  • To address food Insecurity of the population affected by Flood through Cash-based transfers.
  • Rehabilitation of livelihood assets to enhance community resilience.
  • Creation of community & HH level assets and capacity building for improved livelihoods.
  • Livelihoods recovery through assistance for income generating activities

Project Activities:

  • Identification of 4000 vulnerable flood affected population in six tehsil of district Swat.
  • Identification of 4310 vulnerable flood affected population in two tehsil of district Swat.
  • Registration of the identified vulnerable population in district swat.
  • 148 million Pakistani Rupees Cash distributed among 4000 families for 6 months @ 12000/- PKR per month to each household.
  • Engaging the registered male participants in 274 structural activities.
  • Engaging the registered female participants in 97 capacity building activities.
  • Enterprise development/Small business development for 28 participants including 14 male and 14 female worth 2.9 million PKR.
  • Construction of 11 NFI’s Schemes in tehsil Bahrain and Matta the total cost of the NFI’s Schemes was 8.09 million PKR.