HUJRA envisions a prosperous and just society.


HUJRA's mission is to promote sustainable initiatives that alleviate poverty and human suffering.


Objective I:
Increasing contribution to food security, community resilience, disaster preparedness and sustainable livelihoods through long term, impact oriented programming.

Objective II:
Improving the state of primary education, health and nutrition among the most vulnerable segments of the rural population through tangible and intangible interventions.

Objective III:
Improving community based physical infrastructure through build back better approach for improved health, hygiene, sanitation, safe and clean drinking water to reduce mortality and morbidity among the marginalized and disadvantaged population.

Objective IV:
Improving democratic governance, legal and justice system through capacity development, awareness raising and networking for promotion of accountability and transparency at all layers of society.

Objective V:
Strengthening coordination and networking with government, NGOs and funding agencies for effective emergency response and relief operations in disaster prone areas and disaster stricken scenarios.