Thematic Area: Food Security, Livelihood and Disaster Risk Reduction

Project Period: August, 2022- March, 2023

Donor Agency: UN-IOM/CRA-N

Project Locations: District Orakzai of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa

Project Goal: To enhance the economic capacity and reintegrate the Former Tribal Displaced Persons (TDPs) in district Orakzai.

Project Description:

The enhancing economic capacity of Former Tribal Displaced Persons (TDPs) was initiated by HUJRA VSO with financial support from UN-IOM under CRA North project for economic reintegration of former TDPs. The following were the main objectives of the action;

  • Engaging maximum youth in agriculturally based livelihood i.e., at least 25% of the total 500 target beneficiaries.
  • Generating short term employment for the youth by engaging them in rehabilitation of water channels activity.
  • Exposure visits for youth to Agricultural Research Institutes.
  • Economic uplifting of Former TDPs by engaging them in agriculturally based livelihoods.
  • Agricultural training workshop for the project beneficiaries. Provision of Agricultural Tool Kits for Walnut and Potato Farming.

O041 Grant: Under the grant O041 HUJRA selected 75 total Walnut Value Chain beneficiaries and 150 Potato Value Chain beneficiaries.  In the Walnut Value Chain 50 male while 25 females are the project beneficiaries. The youth cover 50% of the total walnut beneficiaries which is further segregated into 47% Female youth while 60% male youth participants.  Similarly, in Potato Value Chain, 66.6% were male beneficiaries while 33.4% beneficiaries were female. Within male beneficiaries, 42% are youth and in female, the youth ratio is roughly a quarter of the total.

O042 Grant: Under the grant O042 in total 780 participants were planned for the training workshops or to be engaged in different activities, after successful completion of the activities HUJRA successfully reached to 755 participants and they were engaged in different activities (details are narrated below under the section detail bifurcation). The planned participants under walnut and potato value chains and actual participants achieved after the project implementation. The overall achievement is recorded 97% for both the value chains; the walnut participants were recorded 158 against the set target of 160 which 99% while under potato value chain the overall achievement was recorded 96% for the 597 achieved participants against the set target of 620 participants. Overall, 540 males and 240 females were planned for the training workshops events in which 524 males i.e. 96% and 231 females i.e. 96% have attended the said events. Under the potato value chain 405 males and 192 females have attended the training workshops against the set target of 420 male and 200 females. The overall male achievement for both the value chain is recorded 96% while the female participated figures was 96%.