Thematic Area:     Food Security, Livelihood and DRR

Project Period:     15th April 2022 to 31st July 2022

Donor Agency:     CRA-N (IOM)

Project Locations: District Khyber and Orakzai of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa

Project Goal:   Enhancing Economic Capacity of Former Temporarily Displaced Populations in District Khyber and Orakzai Phase 1 (RO-28)

Project Implementation arrangements:

A comprehensive assessment form was developed by HUJRA and shared with CRA-North for feedback and approval. The team assessed 220 farmers in the first phase. Keeping in view the ground reality that these households were recently returned to their places of origin after remaining for more than 10 years in displacement. During this verification phase 55 farmers/HHs were dropped mainly due to the reason that they were not present or have gone back to their places of displacement. The verified list of 165 farmers was shared with HUJRA’s internal M&E team, who validated 100% of the farmers by door-to-door validation and finalized the list of 156 farmers for the proposed interventions.  After internal M&E validation, the final beneficiary list was shared with CRA-North. CRA-North team independently validated 10-15% of the farmers and found them according to the agreed criteria. Once CRA-North validated, HUJRA received formal go-ahead for the execution of the project activities.

Farmers’ Enterprise groups formation in the potato value chain

4 farmers enterprise groups of the potato growers in each district were established to enable them for developing value chains and market linkages. During the project life cycle, their capacity building was initiated and these groups will be strengthen in future interventions as well to play their role for sustained land management, enhanced production, creating value within the value chain and sustainable profits.

  1. Project Activities Under Potato Crop
    • Training on Harvesting Techniques
    • Training on Enhancing Market Value of Fresh potato through Improved Post-Harvest


1.2.1   Training on Enhancing Market Value of Fresh potato through Improved Post-Harvest

               Handling Female

  1. Project Activities Under Walnut
    • Training on Harvesting Techniques – walnut
    • Training on Walnut Post-Harvest Management

2.2.1   Female Activity under walnut

  1. Training on Propagation Technique
  2. Exposure Visit/Market Linkages
    • Exposure Visit for Potato Growers:
    • Exposure Visit for Walnut Growers:
  3. Provision of Toolkits

A total of 100 tools kits (50 potato & 50 walnut) were distributed among the beneficiaries who successfully participated in the trainings packages.

Engagement with government  

Proper coordination and liaison was kept with the government and line departments. They were consulted and kept in loop during implementation of the project. Several meetings were arranged with the Agriculture & livestock departments, district administration and LEAs for the smooth implementation of the project activities.