On going Projects


                 1.                          Donor Statelife Insurance Corporation                                                                                                                        
  Project Title : Prime Minister National Health program
                                            Thematic Area : Health                                                                                                                                                    
  Geographical Outreach/ Location : Kohat
                                   Donor Statelife Insurance Corporation

                                   Project Title : Sehat Saholat Program Government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa                                                                         
  Thematic Area : Health
  Geographical Outreach/ Location : Peshawar, Kohat, Hangu, Nowshera, Swat, Shangla, Buner
                       2.                              Donor Directorate Wildlife National Parks Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Peshawar
  Project Title : Studies under "Development and Management of National parks” Project
  Thematic Area : Natural Resource Management
  Geographical Outreach/ Location : District Chitral, Mansehra, Dera Ismail Khan
  Project Summary :  

HUJRA Organization conducting the following studies under "Development and Management of National parks” Project

  • Revision of Management Plan for Ayubia National Park.
  • Revision of Management Plan for Broghil National Park.
  • Revision of Management Plan for Chitral Gol National Park.
  • Preparation of Management Plan for Lulusar-Dudipath National Park.
  • Revision of Management Plan for Saif-Ul-Malook National Park.
  • Revision of Management Plan for Sheikh Baddin National Park.
  • Development of Eco-tourism Plan for Lulusar-Dudipath National Park.
  • Conducting biological surveys of wildlife and its habitat Broghil National Park.
  • Development of Livelihood plan for Ayubia National Park.
  • Development of Livelihood plan for Shiekh Baddin National Park.
  • Development of Livelihood plan for Chitral Gol National Park.
  • Development of Eco-tourism Plan for Saif-Ul-Malook National Park.
  • Conducting biological surveys of wildlife and its habitat Lulusar-Dudipath National Park.
  • Conducting biological surveys of wildlife and its habitat Sheikh Baddin National Park.
  • Feasibility Study for exploration of new sites in the province for declaration as Protected Areas (PAs).


3. Donor UN-WFP/ SDC
  Project Title : livelihoods & DRR initiatives for community uplift
  Thematic Area : FSL & CBDRM
  Geographical Outreach/ Location : Bajuar & Mommand Agency-FATA
  Targeted beneficiaries :   15,000 HH
  Total budget:  
  Project Summary :   

WFP & SDC in collaboration with Project Management Unit FATA Secretariat launched a two years project (2016-2017) through cooperating partner HUJRA, on “Restoration of Livelihoods and CBDRM initiatives for community uplift in Bajaur & Mohmand Agencies–FATA”. Through this project 15,000 households including 5000 female beneficiaries will be directly supported with cash assistance of PKR: 6000/: per HH for 3 times through cash based transfer program by engaging the most vulnerable and food insecure households in livelihoods and disaster risk reduction interventions under cash for assets (CFA) and cash for training (CFT) activities along with additional support of provision with seeds, fruit plants, civil work materials, DRR tool kits and kitchen garden in tool kits.                                                                                         



4. Donor IRC
  Project Title : Community Driven Environmental Health Program in KP Province, Pakistan
  Thematic Area : WASH
  Geographical Outreach/ Location :    Districts Mardan, Nowshera,Pesshawar 
  Total budget:  21.3 Million
  Project Summary :   

The primary focus of this project will be a process of community engagement, initially around rapid–impact CLTS and SLTS, then moving on to explore other aspects of the village’s environmental health, risks and opportunities through a process of Participatory Learning and Action (PLA). Village WASH Activists in each village will facilitate the selection of inclusive Village WASH Committees (both male and female.)  The committees will work through a curriculum of activities, analyzing their own village environment in terms of WASH, natural resources, disaster risk and resilience to threats including climate change.  In due course, the villages will each develop and agree an environmental health Action Plan, prioritizing initiatives and identifying community, government and project resources that can be applied to these solutions.  Ultimately, the implementation of these plans will be managed and monitored by the village themselves. 

 The project will work closely with government at District and Union Council level. A Project Oversight Committee will be formed representing the line depa1rtments (particularly Health, Public Health Engineering and Education) and the administrative Councils at District and Union level.  Increasing the capacity and engagement of local government will increase their responsiveness to community needs.  Simultaneously, the project will work to increase the leverage of communities themselves, through the formation and empowerment of CSOs, ultimately aiming to improve links between communities, government and private sector.

Throughout the project, IRC’s role will be focused on identifying and engaging the support of change agents including village activists, religious leaders, teachers, and community committees at school and at village level, as well as ensuring that government workers with designated roles in WASH service provision are delivering improved services and have the skills and equipment that they need.   

5. Donor:


  Project Title :                     

Relief Food Distribution in Bannu districts for NWA IDPs

  Thematic Area :

Food Security & Livelihood


Geographical Outreach/ Location :                                              

District Bannu


  Total budget: 

4.6 Million                                                                                                                            


Targeted beneficiaries :                                                                    



Project Summary :    

This is a relief project of food distribution funded by United Nation World Food Program (UN-WFP) to provide food assistance to the families of TDPs of North Wazirstan Agency (NWA) residing in Bannu District.The proposed project aims to help the TDP’s on humanitarian ground and will provide food assistance to at least 16,500 registered TDPs families. Total 2 hubs are established. HUJRA covers the total caseload of 16,500 families for two (02) months. Each beneficiary receive 93.5 Kg food basket and the basket will comprise of four (04) major items i.e. 80 Kg wheat flour, 08 Kg pulses, 4.5 Kg oil and 01 Kg salt.
Main Intervention of the Project:
• Establishment of warehouse/Distribution Points
• Verification of TDPs through data base provided by WFP                                                                             •Distribution of Food




6. Donor : TDEA
  Project Title : Advocacy for electorial Reforms
  Thematic Area : Advocay
  Geographical Outreach/ Location : Swat, Chitraal, Lower dir, Upper Dir, Shangla.
  Total Budget : 6.8 Million PKR
  Targeted Beneficiaries :  

Youth Volunteers, District Electoral Reform Group, District Election Commissioner, District Limitation Officer, District Leadership of Political Parties, MNAs, senators, MNA,s. 


                                     Project Summary  :                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 

A Nationwide campaign on the need for wide-ranging electoral reforms is critical to support advocacy that is currently being undertaken by national and international organizations interested in improving the electoral system in Pakistan. In this regard, public engagements with relevant stakeholders at the local level will help magnify citizens’ voices and also remind political parties of the public demand for electoral reforms.

To strengthen citizens’ voice through, among others, focused engagements with political parties, media, professional associations and election management body for electoral reforms, as recommended by national and international election observation groups after the General Election 2013.

 To strengthen citizen oversight of the electoral processes including but not limited to up-gradation of electoral rolls, delimitation of electoral constituencies for greater transparency and accountability. 






5. Doner : UNDP
  Project Title : Strenthening Rule of Law Programme - SRLP
  Thematic Area : Rights Based Advocacy
  Geographical Outreach/ Location : District Swat and Buner
  Total budget : 23.9 Million
  Targeted beneficiaries : 15,200

 Project Summary :                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                

HUJRA is implementing UNDP funded Improving Access to Justice through Streamlining Legal Aid Project in two districts Swat and Buner of Malakand division. The project is part of the UNDP Rule of Law initiatives in the region. At the grass root, a comprehensive awareness campaign is needed, keeping in view the special needs of the vulnerable segments of the society particularly women, children, old age and displaced people. The justice system of the country is expensive and poor people are unable to access the system due to financial constraints. This could have been cured through a strong legal aid system, but at this point of time, the legal aid system is also deficient to meet the needs of the people. In these circumstances, it is strongly warranted to revisit the legal aid system and create a balance between the supply and demand sides. The project undertakes community level interventions including awareness session, provision of legal aid and legal consultation at the doorsteps. The community level interventions are connected with the tehsil and district level forums (Legal Aid Desks) at District and Tehsil level in collaboration with the Bar and Judiciary. Moreover, the local capacities are also to be built through supporting legal education and awareness raising.


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