On going Projects
  Project Title : Restoration of Livelihoods and CBDRM initiatives for community uplift in Bajaur & Mohmand Agencies–FATA
  Thematic Area : FSL & CBDRM
  GeographicalOutreach/                 Location Bajuar & Mommand Agency-FATA
  Targeted beneficiaries : 15,000 HH
  Project Summary :  
    WFP & SDC in collaboration with Project Management Unit FATA Secretariat launched a two years project (2016-2017) through cooperating partner HUJRA, on “Restoration of Livelihoods and CBDRM initiatives for community uplift in Bajaur & Mohmand Agencies–FATA”. Through this project 15,000 households including 5000 female beneficiaries will be directly supported with cash assistance of PKR: 6000/: per HH for 3 times through cash based transfer program by engaging the most vulnerable and food insecure households in livelihoods and disaster risk reduction interventions under cash for assets (CFA) and cash for training (CFT) activities along with additional support of provision with seeds, fruit plants, civil work materials, DRR tool kits and kitchen garden in tool kits.
  Project Title : Provision of community policing services in 10 district.  Under Strenthening Rule of Law Program
  Thematic Area : Governance and Rule of Law
  Geographical Outreach/ Location District Malakand, Buner,Swat,Shangla,Dir Lower,Dir Upper,Chitral,Bannu, DI Khan and Kohat
  Targeted beneficiaries : Police Department, Local Government & Community.
  Project Summary :  
    Under the UNDP Rule of Law programme, HUJRA has initiated the Community Policing project in ten districts of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa including Swat, Shangla, Buner, Dir Lower, Dir Upper, Chitral, Malakand, Kohat, Bannu and DI Khan funded by European Union. The objective of the Community Policing is to bridge trust deficit between Police and Community, to create an environment of peace and mutual co-existence and to make the police more responsive and answerable to the citizens.
Community policing is policing philosophy and an organizational strategy that focuses on the development of collaborative partnership between community and the police to proactively address the root-causes of crime and disorder in the society. By implementing community policing, both the police and the community share enhanced responsibility, develop police-public partnership and effective coordination among other relevant government department to enhanced trust and minimize the crimes and social disputes.
In order to achieve the project objective, strong support and coordination of police department is required at all levels. For smooth implementation of the project activities with organized manner, the concept of Community Policing Forums (CPFs)/Public Liaison Councils (PLCs) is introduced in all ten districts. CPFs/PLCs further liaison with police and community.


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