Vision & Mission


“A prosperous, food secure, educated and disaster resilient society living in greater social harmony through sustainable actions”

Mission statement:

“To work with food insecure, socially weak and literate, and disaster prone communities to turn around situation in their favor, especially for marginalized segments of the society, with sustainability of actions in focus”


 To empower communities including women for collective decision making, better prepared for disasters and continue with sustainable and harmonious socioeconomic development.

 To build capacity of the communities for undertaking socio-economic development in harmony with the conservation of their natural resources.

 Through better networking and coordination, creating space for intellectual debate and discussions for social transformation towards common goodness.

 To enhance knowledge-base through applied research for sustainable development interventions

 To advocate preservation of environment impacts, sustainable livelihoods, basic human rights, social services and conducive environment for participation.

 To support communities in emergencies by providing and channelizing relief.






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